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JIzera Mountains

The Jizera Mountains are the northernmost Czech mountains. Their eastern part extends to the Polish territory and continues to the Giant Mountains, in the west it adjoins the Lusatian Mountains. The highest peak of the Czech part of the mountains is Smrk (1124 m). In 1968 the area was declared a protected landscape area of 368 square kilometres.

  • Nová Louka (New Meadow) - is an excellent starting point for skiing, cycling and hiking with trails leading from urther to the Jizera Mountains. You will find a cottage Šámalova chata where you can get some food and relax.
  • “Glassmaking Memorial” in Kristiánov - Once a settlement and glassworks (1775 - 1887), today it's uninhabited. It was established by the glassmaker Johann Leopold Riedel. Today you can find a glass museum here.
  • Josefův Důl Dam Reservoir
  • Settlement Jizerka, Sapphire stream - The picturesque village of Jizerka is one of the most beautiful places in the Jizera Mountains. It is a conservation area and part of the second zone of protected landscape area. The Jizerka River flows through the settlement and is joined by many smaller streams including the Sapphire stream, which was named after the sapphires and other precious stones that were mined on Jizerka.
  • Waterfalls on Černá Desná Brook - You can find many waterfalls on the Černá Desná Brook. Go to a place under the dam Souš, which you will find near the village Desná. You’ll find the brook here creating miracles, forming cascades and several meters long waterfalls. Find more at
  • Dams and water reservoirs - in the Jizera Mountains you can also see beautiful water structures, such as Josefodolská or Mlýnská dam. These reservoirs will enhance the beauty of Jizerka during your trips.
  • Ještěd - a unique construction work that you must definitely see. You can reach the summit by cable car, car or by walking,
  • Liberec Botanical Garden - The garden is one of the most famous botanical gardens in the country. It was founded in 1876, which makes it also the oldest botanical garden in Czech,
  • ZOO Liberec – The oldest ZOO in Czech was established in 1919. The garden was first mentioned in 1904, when the local ornithological association planted exotic birds in a large aviary,
  • North Bohemian Museum - The Liberec Museum is one of the oldest, most important and also largest art museums in the Czech Republic. It has existed since 1873, housed in an original Art Nouveau building built in 1897–1898,
  • Regional Gallery Liberec - It is a specialised collection institution - Museum of Art, operates in the Liberec region. It takes care of extensive art collections and offers visitors a tour of three permanent exhibitions of European and Czech art,
  • Center Babylon in Liberec, Aquapark - The former textile complex offers hotels, a shopping center, an entertainment center and a congress center. There are entertainment centers such as aquapark, funfair and newly opened wellness center,
  • Swimming pool Liberec,
  • Dinopark Liberec,
  • IQ Landia,
Jablonec nad Nisou
  • Swimming pool Jablonec,
  • Museum of Glass and bijouterie, Jablonec nad Nisou - The museum collects a collection of tangible documents related to the history of Czech glassmaking, jewellery, bijouterie production, coinage of Czech and foreign origin, especially from the territory of the Czech Republic,
  • Climbing Arena MAKAK - unique wall with a total area of 2000 square meters. In total, over 88 climbing lines are installed on the climbing wall to satisfy beginners and professionals alike. There is also a bouldering wall with an area of square meters, part of the arena is a nice pub offering refreshments and excellent coffee,
Castles and palaces
  • Frýdlant Castle and Chateau - the state castle and chateau of Frýdlant is not only one of the most prominent landmarks of the town, but also one of the most significant historical monuments in Bohemia, as it represents a unique combination of a medieval castle and a Renaissance chateau,
  • Sychrov Chateau - currently offers 2 sightseeing tours. Both routes will guide visitors through the most interesting interiors and exhibits. You can also visit a beautiful nearby park. Many interesting events take place in the chateau throughout the year,
  • Ruins of Frýdštejn Castle -  it is one of the three castles in the Jablonec district. We don’t exactly know when this castle was built. We are also not sure when the Frýdštejn manor was established,
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