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History of Královka
1907 - 2013


Královka (ger. Königshöhe) is one of the most famous stone observation towers in the Jizera Mountains, standing on Mount Nekras (859 m) in the cadastral area of Janov nad Nisou, less than a kilometer away from Bedřichov.

The tower and the hillock used to be called König’s lookout or Nekras. It was built in 1907, the total height is 24 meters, the viewing platform is at a height of 20.5 meters and 102 steps lead to it. This tower replaced the original wooden tower, which stood on top of the hill from 1888 until 1906, when it burned down. A mountain chalet with a restaurant and accommodation was built next to the tower in 1034. In the following years of normalisation, additional accommodation buildings and garages were added.


2013 - present


In June 2013, the entire Královka complex, including the observation tower and adjacent buildings, was acquired by a company KISSES s.r.o.

The Company's intention was to carry out an overall revitalization of Královka so that it could once again serve the general public, as it did in the times of it’s greatest glory. Using modern construction technologies and materials, the company wants to get as close as possible to the original look of Královka, which was built at the beginning of the last century. With the help of architects, we carefully search in the available archives info about the original appearance of Královka, including information on the materials used. After cooperation and consultation with all the authorities concerned, reconstruction plans have been prepared and are being executed in several stages.


- autumn - after taking over the premises from the former landlord, we began with clearing the premises of all objects.

- In the basement of the main building began a reconstruction of the new restaurant



- In the spring, two buildings and a garage were demolished because they didn’t meet the energy and space requirements. In the next stages of revitalisation, there will be new buildings built in their place that will respect the dominant of the original restaurant with hotel and observation tower. A new hotel complex will be built here under the supervision of renowned architects and concerned authorities.

- A brand new self-service restaurant “Sun Terrace" (Sluneční terasa) with a large terrace in place of a former wine bar was completed and opened in June.

- In the summer, an extensive overall reconstruction of the lookout tower began - the outside stone part was repaired, a new gallery was built, the roof was reconstructed and the antennas were dismantled and moved to a new, more sensitive location. Furthermore, the staircase and interior spaces were repaired. The reconstruction was completed in the autumn of the same year.

- Light revitalisation of outdoor areas was carried out



- Continued work on the project of the new hotel with the architectural company SIADESIGN Liberec s.r.o

- further work on revitalisation of outdoor areas (rocky slope)

- A large children's playground completed in the summer

- In the autumn, the construction of a new refreshment stand right next to the observation tower began



- refreshment and souvenir stand completed.

- In February began the digging of a pit for the entire hotel wellness area, with a size of more than 600 square meters, and 6 meters in depth. A 16 meter swimming pool will be a part of this complex. There was 54 geothermal wells up to a depth of 120m made. These wells will ensure heating of water and the whole premises. Along with this was construction of other utilities (electricity, sewerage, data networks etc..)



- construction of the guest house B started



- construction of the guest house A commenced

- construction of the guest house B finished

- extension of the playground including further game elements



In the future, accommodation in the main building will be renovated and a brand new wellness mountain hotel will be built. The hotel complex will be built partially on the site of the demolished guest house and will also use the ground plan of the original cottage. The hotel will include a swimming pool, wellness centre, sauna world and congress facilities.

Furthermore, the revitalisation of outdoor areas will continue.

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