One of the most famous stone observation towers in the Jizera Mountains

Observation tower


Královka (ger. Königshöhe) is one of the most famous stone observation towers in the Jizera Mountains, standing on Mount Nekras (859 m) in the cadastral area of Janov nad Nisou, less than a kilometer away from Bedřichov. The observation tower offers a beautiful view of the Jizera Mountains, Giant Mountains, Bohemian Paradise, Poland, Germany and Ještěd.


The tower and the hillock were formerly called König's Lookout or Nekras. It was built in 1907, the total height is 23.5 meters, the viewing platform is at a height of 20.5 meters and 102 steps lead to it. It replaced the original wooden tower that stood on the hill between 1888 and 1906. In 1934, a mountain chalet with a restaurant was built next to the tower. In the following years there were several unpleasant changes made on the tower and the whole area started falling into disrepair. In 2013, the entire complex was acquired by a company named KISSES, which began its overall revitalization. Demolition of the unpleasant looking buildings happened and began a reconstruction of the main (original) building, where a new, modern self-service restaurant with a terrace was built. The observation tower itself got a new facelift too. The stone outside part of it was repaired, a new gallery connecting three sides was installed, reconstruction of the roof and dismantling and relocation the antennas to a new, new, more sensitive location. Furthermore, the staircase and interior spaces were repaired.


Entrance to the tower is possible in good weather all year round.

Adults: 40 CZK

Children: 30 CZK


Admission can be purchased at the refreshment stand. Here you can also buy tourist stamps (Královka, Bedřichov) and tourist cards (Královka, Bedřichov, Josefův Důl, Černá Nisa, Hrabětice-Severák, Jizerská magistrála).


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