The Beginnings of Královka

The history of Královka dates back to 1907. That's when a lookout tower called the “König’s Lookout” was built on the Nekras hill. It replaced the original wooden tower which stood at a peak from 1888 to 1906, when it burned down. Back then, a 102-steps ascent led tourists to the 24m high tower, which soon became one of the best-known lookout towers in the Jizera Mountains. In 1934, a mountain chalet with a restaurant and accommodation was built in close proximity to it; in the years of normalisation, other accommodation buildings and garages were added to the facility.

New Technologies, Old Magic

In June 2013, KISSES s.r.o. acquired the entire premises of Královka and started a full-scale redevelopment project. The intention of the company was to revitalise the Královka premises from scratch so that it could be used again by the general public, just as it was in its glory days. Using modern building technologies and materials, they wanted to get as close as possible to the original Královka that was built at the beginning of the last century. Therefore, with the help of architects, the company meticulously researched the original appearance of Královka and information about the materials used from the available archives. After cooperation and consultation with all the authorities concerned, the redevelopment plans were prepared and split into several stages.



After taking over the premises from the former leaseholder, work began on vacating all buildings in the premises. The reconstruction of the restaurant started in the basement of the main building.


Buildings with unsatisfactory energy demands or layouts were demolished in the spring of that year. They were gradually replaced by completely new buildings that respect the dominant role of the original restaurant with the hotel and the lookout tower. The new hotel yard was born under the close supervision of reputable architects and involved authorities. In June of that year, a brand new Sun Parlor restaurant with a large terrace was completed in place of the former wine-room. Extensive reconstruction of the lookout tower started and lasted until autumn, involving the repair of the stone tower casing, installation of a new gallery, reconstruction of the roof and other repairs.


This year saw the continuing construction of a new hotel in cooperation with the architectural company SIADESIGN Liberec s.r.o. The outdoor areas were enriched with a rocky slope and an especially large children's playground. The construction of a new stand with refreshments adjacent to the lookout tower started in the autumn.


In 2016, excavation work began for the hotel's wellness facility; the excavated area exceeded 600 m2. Construction of new accommodation buildings gradually followed in the years to come – guest houses A, B and C, which were all completed in 2020.


2021 saw the completion of new hotel rooms, the redevelopment of the original Královka building, the Royal Restaurant with modern fusion kitchen, as well as the hotel's SPA & Wellness which will open this October.