Take an active rest at Královka

Cross-country skiing
The Jizerská magistrála trail in the central part of the Jizera Mountains is one of the most visited areas for cross-country skiing in the Czech Republic and is known for regular machine maintenance of its skiing trails, which span a total length of over 170 km. The most prominent point for entering the Jizerská magistrála trail is Bedřichov, the other points of entry include Královka, Smědava, Jizerka, Horní Polubný, Souš lake and Hrabětice. The Jizerská magistrála trail annually holds the best-known Czech cross-country skiing competition called Jizerská 50, which starts and finished in Bedřichov. More information is available at www.jizerskaops.cz

Downhill skiing
The Jizerka Ski Arena operates ski resorts in Bedřichov, Hrabětice and Tanvaldský Špičák, which will satisfy even more demanding skiers. Children's ski lifts are available for the little ones. Rental and basic ski services are a matter of course. Experienced instructors are available for beginning skiers or snowboarders. Tanvaldský Špičák will certainly satisfy even more demanding skiers. More information is available at www.skijizerky.cz

Cycling and hiking
Areas that cross-country skiers flock to in winter turn into a paradise for cyclists and hikers when the weather gets better. The Jizera Mountains are valued for their extensive and very well marked network of hiking trails, which offer visitors a peek into the beautiful and unique nature of the Jizera Mountains. You will also find some trails for disabled visitors here.

Cycling trails: www.jizerskaops.cz/cyklotrasy
Hiking trails: www.jizerskaops.cz/trasy-pro-pesi
Trails for person on wheelchairs and families with strollers: www.jizerskaops.cz/trasy-pro-handicapovane

Tennis lessons in Bedřichov
Phone: +420 483 380 034
E-mail: infocentrum@bedrichov.cz
Web: www.bedrichov.cz

For kids

The Jizera Mountains are the ideal place for a vacation with children. The Jizera Mountains and their close surroundings offer many opportunities to spend time, not only in good weather conditions.


  • Large children's playground – underground tunnels, cable way, sand pit, swings, huge net ... Lots of fun from spring to autumn, and parents can watch their kids play from the terrace of our restaurant while enjoying a good drink.

  • Hiking – its easy terrain is a perfect start for a hiking trip, even for the little ones

  • Ski resorts: Bedřichov, Hrabětice and Tanvaldský Špičák (which will also satisfy proficient skiers). More information is available at www.skijizerky.cz

  • Bedřichov (1.5km)

Bedřichov (1,5km)

  • The LA PASTA restaurant with its children's corner and bowling – A newly reconstructed restaurant in the centre of Bedřichov will offer you not only excellent cuisine, but also a children's corner for the little ones – in other words, an ideal place to spend some time with your friends! Older children and adults can also enjoy bowling. www.lapasta.cz

  • The Ant Trail is an educational trail about animals living in the Jizera Mountains intended mainly for the children which was established by Bedřichov in 2016. The trail leads from the information centre or central parking lot, passes the Forest Chalet and ends at the Královka outlook tower. The trail is 1.5 km long.

  • Children's playgrounds in town – Bedřichov forest adventure park – phone: +420 777 876 765, e-mail: info@lanovyparkbedrichov.cz, web: www.lanovyparkbedrichov.cz

  • Natural swimming pool and Dolina restaurant

Janov nad Nisou (3,5km)

  • Bobsleigh trail – great fun for the little ones and adults alike, operating throughout the year. More information is available at www.bobovadrahajizerky.cz

Albrechtice - Jiřetin pod Bukovou (12km)

  • Detoa or how to make a mole – toy museum and factory + creative workshops. Would you like to learn more about the historical production of wooden toys? Detoa offers a tour of production facilities with more than 100 years of tradition. At the end, you can make your own toy in a creative workshop. Due to increased interest, we recommend booking a tour in advance. www.detoa.cz or www.muzeumvyrobyhracek.cz

Jablonec nad Nisou (12 Km)

  • Jablonec swimming pool, www.sportjablonec.cz

Liberec(14 Km)

  • Babylon Centre – tons of fun in one place! AQUAPARK, LUNAPARK, iQPARK, laser game and other interesting attractions for families with children. In the iQ park, you can take various tests, rebuses, quizzes and brain-teasers. Everything is done in the form of play and entertainment. Even the little ones will enjoy it. www.centrumbabylon.cz/zabava.html

  • IQlandia - a modern science centre with a planetarium and hundreds of original interactive exhibits. A world of science and technology that will enchant you and not let you go. www.iqlandia.cz

  • Liberec ZOO – the oldest zoo in the territory of the former Czechoslovakia. It was founded in 1919. The biggest attractions are white tigers and seals. www.zooliberec.cz

  • DinoPark Liberec - the only inside DinoPark in the Czech Republic with year-round operation; it has been in operation since 2012. This entertainment and educational facility is suitable for families with children of all ages and school tours. It is located on three storeys of the Liberec Plaza Shopping Centre and spans 6,000 square meters in total. www.dinopark.cz/cz/liberec

For more information about the current events and activities at Královka and its surrounding areas, visit the News section or the website of Bedřichov. www.bedrichov.cz/volny-cas-a-relaxace/tipy-na-vylet/

Other tips for trips

Jizera Mountains
The Jizera Mountains are the northernmost Czech mountains. Their eastern part extends to the Polish territory and further connects to the Krkonoše Mountains, while the Lusatian Mountains are located to the west. The highest peak in the Czech part of the mountains is Smrk (1124 m). The territory was declared a protected area with the size of 368 km2 in 1968.

  • Nová Louka – an excellent starting point for cross-country skiing, cycling and hiking trips to the Jizera Mountains. You can find the Šámal's Chalet here, offering refreshments and a place to rest.

  • “Glass-making Memorial” in Kristiánov – a former settlement and glass-works (1775 - 1887), currently not occupied. It was founded by Johann Leopold Riedel. Today, there is a glass-making museum there.

  • Josefův Důl lake

  • Jizerka settlement, Sapphire brook – a picturesque settlement of Jizerka is one of the most beautiful places in the Jizera Mountains; it is a well-preserved territory and a part of the second zone of the protected landscape area. The Jizerka creek flows through the settlement and receives with numerous affluents there, including the Sapphire Brook which was named after the sapphire and other gemstones that were mined at Jizerka.

  • The waterfalls of the Černá Desná – Desná creek, where you can see several waterfalls on the Černá Desná creek. Visit the area under the Souš lake, which you will find close to the town of Desná, to find the creek. The creek has a truly magical feel to it, forming cascades and several metre long waterfalls. More information is available at www.region-jizerskehory.cz

  • Lakes and water reservoirs – there are beautiful water works in the Jizera Mountains, for example, Josefův Důl or Mlýnická dams. During your trips, these reservoirs will even intensify the beauty of the Jizera Mountains.


  • Ještěd – a unique construction work that you must certainly see. You can get to the top by a cable way, car or walking, www.jested.cz

  • Liberec botanical garden – the garden is one of the most famous botanical gardens in the country It was established in 1876, making it the oldest of its kind in our country, www.botaniliberec.cz

  • Liberec ZOO – The oldest ZOO in the Czech Republic dates back to 1919; the first mentions of the garden date back to 1904, when the local ornithological community brought exotic birds for the large aviary, www.zooliberec.cz

  • The North Bohemian Museum – the Liberec Museum is one of the oldest, most important and also the largest arts and crafts museums in the Czech Republic; it was founded in 1873 and is located in the original secession building built in 1897-1898, www.muzeumlb.cz

  • Liberec Regional Gallery – a specialised collection institution – a museum of art active in the region of Liberec. It houses extensive collections of art and offers a tour of three permanent exhibitions of European and Czech art to visitors, www.ogl.cz

  • Babylon Centre in Liberec, Aquapark – In a former textile factory you will find hotels, a shopping centre, an entertainment centre and congress centre. The entertainment centres include an aquapark, a lunapark, and a newly opened Wellness centre, www.centrumbabylon.cz

  • Liberec swimming pool, www.bazen-info.cz

  • Dinopark Liberec, www.dinopark.cz/cz/liberec

  • IQ Landia, www.iqlandia.cz

Jablonec nad Nisou

  • The Museum of Glass and Jewellery in Jablonec nad Nisou – the museum houses a collection of documents relating to the history of Czech glass-making, jewellery, imitation jewellery, Czech and foreign coinage with a particular focus on the territory of the Czech Republic, www.msb-jablonec.cz

  • MAKAK climbing arena – a unique climbing wall with a total size of 2000 m2, offering over 88 climbing lines installed on the wall which will satisfy complete beginners as well as professionals + a 230 m2 bouldering wall, the arena also includes a pleasant pub offering refreshments and delicious coffee. www.lezeckaarena.cz

Castles and Châteaus

  • Frýdlant Castle and Château – the state-owned Frýdlant castle and the château are not only the city’s most distinctive sights, but also rank among the most distinctive monuments in Bohemia, representing a unique combination of a medieval castle and a Renaissance château, www.zamek-frydlant.cz

  • Sychrov state-owned château – currently offers 2 sightseeing circuits. Both circuits take visitors through the most interesting interiors and exhibits. The beautiful adjacent park is worth visiting as well. Many interesting events are held in the premises of the château throughout the year, www.zamek-sychrov.cz

  • Frýdštejn castle ruins – the ruined Frýdštejn castle is one of the three castles in the Jablonec district. We do not know exactly the time of its foundation. We do not even know exactly when the Frýdštejn barony was established, www.frydstejn.cz